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  • Bridgewater Sweet Grace - luxe kadoverpakking - passievrucht, verse thee en patchouli - geurkaars met 2 geurzakjes en lucifers - Viv! Home Luxuries
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Bridgewater Sweet Grace - Luxury gift wrapping - Passion fruit, fresh tea and patchouli - Scented candle with 2 fragrance bags and matches

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Bridgewater Sweet Grace: illuminates the costume of life with these delicious Bridgewater Fragrance of passion fruit, fresh tea and patchouli. This fresh scent has a spicy undertone.

In this luxury gift packing you will find a scented candle (burning hours approximately 70-85 hours), 2 fragrance bags (starting approximately 2 months) and matches.

This set is a nice gift for yourself but also for others. We make it extra festive by shipment in a beautiful VIV! Packing.