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  • Vellutier Intimate & Cozy - wax melt - 16 branduren - houten kistje - Viv! Home Luxuries
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Vellutier Intimate & Cozy - wax melt - 16 hours burning - wooden box

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Vellutier Intimate & Cozy wax melt: The wax comes in a beautiful wooden box, which also makes it perfect for gifting. The whole thing looks like a luxury gift. With proper use the wax will last at least 16 hours.

Price description:
Intimate & Cozy wax melt: Feel the pleasant scent of vanilla, sandalwood, ylang ylang and peony balanced with relaxing chamomile and cashmere with a hint of green tea leaves.

On cold rainy days, enjoy this lovely warm soft blend even more!

Wax Composition:
The Vellutier wax is made from rapeseed oil grown in regional European fields. The candles have a beautiful, velvety texture, which gave rise to the name chosen: Velvet means Vulleto in Italian. The result, a beautiful creamy wax that looks great, smells great and melts well!

The wax consists of 2 blocks that can be easily broken off from each other. Because of the thin long design, the 2 blocks can also be broken into even smaller pieces if, for example, you want to use less wax at a time, or because you have a small burner. It is also possible to mix the different scents with each other, so you can create even more unique scents!

Use of the wax:
To make the best use of the wax it is good to apply the following points:

* Use a wax burner to burn the wax melt. The warmth of the waxinelicht ensures that the wax melts and the delicious smell will spread.

* To optimally experience the scent of the candle, we recommend burning the wax for a maximum of 3-4 hours at a time.

* Because a small amount of wax is used, the whole thing quickly becomes liquid. This also makes it possible to scent the wax for a short time.

* You can replace the wax very easily by briefly lighting the waxinelichtje so that the burner heats up. Then you can easily push the still solidified piece of wax from the surface and place a fresh new piece on the burner.