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Viv! Home Luxuries

Viv! Home Luxuries Christmas wreath with pine cones - green - Ø30cm

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Wonderful Christmas wreath, hardly distinguishable from the real thing. The Christmas wreath not only looks real, but also feels real. Excellent price-quality ratio. The wreath is well filled with large and small pine cones, pine branches and berries. Even without decoration, this wreath is a real eye-catcher in your home.

-Mark: Viv! Home Luxuries-Species
: Pine Wreath-Color
: green-Material
: plastic-Size
: approximately 30cm in diameter-Made

of the best quality plastic-Colorfast
: no discoloration in bright sunlight!
-Reasonably to well resistant to water-Goes
for years and remains 100% beautiful- Not

the cheapest, but the most beautiful-Investment
in natural quality product